Land Of Trees’ music video ‘I Intend To Go In Style’ is an adventure

Land Of Trees, Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers, Vance Joy, Nova Amor
Land Of Trees, Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers, Vance Joy, Nova Amor

Image credit: Marie Wahlström

What better way to go than in style? Land Of Trees knows it’s all about making a flashy exit, releasing a live performance video of his record ‘I Intend To Go In Style’. Taken from his new album, Things I Don’t Know.. Yet, the track leads to the darker side of things. The musician paints images with words, describing the scene where the song ‘takes place’. 

Stream / Download: Land Of Trees – Things I Don’t Know.. Yet

Frantic drums push forward like a steamroller, driving listeners toward no man’s land, where they are left to rely on their senses, tuning in to the mania of the banjo strings, kept sane by the bows of the devil’s fiddle. What an adventure! The record builds to a soaring fever pitch before cascading, a waterfall of instrumentation, beneath which we sit, lost in the rush of the falling torrent.

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The album itself was built for live performances such as this, having been created in a live atmosphere. That is, Land Of Trees and his band came together to compose in person and in unison to create a project that is fundamental-focused. “‘Things I Don’t Know.. Yet’ is a step back to basics,” he shares. “So this time we rehearsed it together thoroughly, stayed over at Studio Glasfågeln for the entire recording of the album and recorded almost everything live. It was such a great feeling to play off each other’s tempo and spontaneity again; we had the best time playing and staying together, and I think it shines through in this record.”

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