Indie musicians Firewoodisland & The Satellite Station collaborate

Bon Iver, Novo Amor, Firewoodisland, The Satellite Station, James Blake
Bon Iver, Novo Amor, Firewoodisland, The Satellite Station, James Blake

Image credit: Stian Vedoy and Travis Rue

There is no doubt that the past few years and months have been a living nightmare for most emotionally and mentally. Indie acts Firewoodisland & The Satellite Station team up on the new single ‘Look Through’ which focuses on emotional isolation. Firewooodisland previously shared their emotionally charged track ‘Snow (Dripping Woollen Jumpers)’ which focused on the impact of not being able to connect with their loved ones had on them (Read our previous feature on Firewoodisland here). 

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‘Look Through’ speaks about trying to keep the last few grains of hope you have from falling when times get tough, and you trying your best to stay grounded despite the fact you are slowly losing your grip on reality. A breathtakingly cohesive and charming indie-pop production style distracts the fact that this track was recorded remotely and simultaneously, with Firewoodisland being based in the U.K. and  The Satellite Station in the U.S. Talented, and emotive this pairing proves that you can still create thought-provoking art together even if they are based in different continents. 

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Firewoodisland elaboration on the process of collaborating remotely: “This song was the first time we have ever co-written and recorded with anybody over Zoom entirely. We set up our laptops and both played parts to each other, working out lyrics and instrumentation together. We also did the recording and producing in a similar manner. Despite never having met in person, Travis has become a good friend and working together has been super smooth and a blast. In the 21st century, it is possible to fully record and produce a track together from different continents in different time zones, having never met! I bet Travis is taller in real life than we both imagine him!”

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