BenBen – Brooklyn Musician Appreciates The Beauty Of The World in New Indie Release “Leaky Ship” (ft. Lily Desmond).

Known for his distinct high-tenor voice and a genre-bending sound that merges the raw energy of Soundgarden and Radiohead with the soulful allure of Michael Jackson, BenBen has captivated audiences worldwide. His debut solo LP, ‘Sincere Gifts’, released to critical acclaim by US indie label Perpetual Doom. In the studio, BenBen has worked with indie legends such as Swedish psychedelic-rock genius Gustav Ejstes of Dungen and late last autumn, he embarked on tours of Scandinavia and the UK.

BenBen, the multifaceted animator, producer, and indie music darling, unveiled his latest musical masterpiece, ‘Leaky Ship’ – a poignant anthem that transcends genres and resonates with the soul.

‘Leaky Ship’ serves as the lead single off his upcoming collaborative EP, ‘White Elephant’, crafted in partnership with the talented American songstress and violinist, Lily Desmond. Together, they embark on a musical journey that promises to enchant listeners and transport them to uncharted territories of sound. Inspired by the beauty found amidst chaos, ‘Leaky Ship’ is a powerful ode to resilience and compassion.

Reflecting on the song’s genesis, BenBen shares, “Leaky Ship’ is about taking time to appreciate the beauty of the world, even when you’re standing on a doomed vessel riddled with holes, taking on water, and surely about to sink.” The track navigates the complexities of human emotion, inviting listeners to delve into the depths of their own hearts and find solace in shared experiences.

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