Bones Ate Arfa – Psychedelic punk wavemakers release first single ‘Shedtrack’ from upcoming debut album ‘Akimbo People’.

Bones Ate Arfa are a UK psychedelic street punk/desert rock three piece, made up of Bones (guitar), 8 (drums), and Arfa (vocals & bass). Sitting at 31,000 followers on TikTok, with top videos hitting multi million views, Bones Ate Arfa have successfully struck audiences across the world through social media. Through consistent and captivating Instagram posts, the follower growth has been steadily increasing since the start of the project in January 2023. Their Spotify page boasts impressive stats for an unsigned band 1 year and 4 releases into its journey.

Once described as “Junkyard dog riffs” after the release of their debut single ‘Asbestos’, they have since gained recognition from Isaac Holman (SOFT PLAY), Tigercub, cool sorcery, Demob Happy and Bad Nerves. ‘Shedtrak (Ft. Dread FM)’ 90: ‘Akimbo People’. With thumping rhythms and wangling guitars, the hip hop elements juxtaposed with the heavy rock attitude of the song is makes for a track that is reminiscent of early Gorillaz, Jack White and St. Vincent.

With ‘Shedtrack’, Bones Ate Arfa issues a call to everyone who wants to embrace their true selves and dare to defy convention. It’s a song dedicated to the rebels and the dreamers—a reminder that true liberation comes from within. The lyrics serve as a universal outcry against power struggles and narcissistic behavior, resonating with anyone who has faced similar challenges.