Channeling Anguish into Art: The Making of ‘(2-Inch) Grave’ with We Don’t Ride Llamas

In the heart of Austin’s eclectic music scene, a fiery fusion of Afro Punk and Metal is emerging with unparalleled intensity, spearheaded by none other than We Don’t Ride Llamas. Comprising the talents of Chase, Max, Blake, and Kit Mitchell, this dynamic quartet is igniting stages and captivating audiences with their latest release, ‘(2-Inch) Grave’. As self-proclaimed nerds with an insatiable passion for narrative-driven music, We Don’t Ride Llamas pays homage to the legendary musicians who shaped their genre-bending approach. Drawing inspiration from icons like Robert Johnson, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix, Death, and Sister Rosetta Tharpe, the band seamlessly melds the raw energy of Rock, Punk, and Metal with storytelling prowess and emotional depth.

However, ‘(2-Inch) Grave’ transcends mere musical innovation; it serves as a poignant testament to the resilience and solidarity of the human spirit in the face of adversity. Born from the harrowing events of Winter Storm Uri, which ravaged Texas in February 2021, the song stands as a tribute to the lives lost – particularly the houseless members of the community whose deaths were tragically overlooked. With searing honesty and unapologetic defiance, We Don’t Ride Llamas confronts the systemic greed and neglect that exacerbated the storm’s devastation, demanding accountability and justice through their electrifying melodies and impassioned lyrics.

The band shared, “This song is extremely close to our heart and is an accurate portrayal of how we all felt inside out during that storm. I didn’t know if our family was going to make it out alive. We had never been that cold before, especially not without sufficient help. I’m grateful that our community was there for us. We hope this song reaches and consoles anyone who hears it. We hope anyone who went through what we did feels this song and knows they are not alone.

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