The elusive Plain Mister Smith releases a new single, ‘El Presidente’, featuring Findlay Brown

Credit: Sandra Lockwood

Plain Mister Smith returns on the 3rd of November with a new single, ‘El Presidente’, via Popaganda Records. The track features singer-songwriter and producer Findlay Brown on vocals. Ever mysterious, occasionally visible, Plain Mister Smith is the brain-child of the enigmatic musician Mark Jowett, who is based between Vancouver and London. Carving out his own niche in the world of indie pop/folk, Plain Mister Smith is a former guitarist for Canadian Electronic band Moev, and also currently has his hands full playing the cello in the Vancouver Philharmonic Orchestra

‘El Presidente’ is a warm, aloof and playful track with captivatingly colorful instrumentation that includes intricate acoustic guitar progressions, cello and synthesized pads for additional harmonics. The arrangement is unpredictable but full of charisma and charm. Findlay Brown’s vocals have a lilting 60s sensibility reminiscent of Babe Rainbow’s Guy Chadwick. The lyrics are witty and absurd, exploring the persona of a former record label president Plain Mister Smith once worked with, alluding to this figure’s belief in him when no one else shared the same sentiment. 

Plain Mister Smith remarked on the song: “There was once a record label president that took a shot in the dark with two punks starting a small indie label in Canada, and gave them a deal. One of those punks was me, Plain Mister Smith, and El Presidente is about that crazy legend of a record company president.” 

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