Nick Karcher impresses with rocking breakup anthem ‘The Hard Bitter Truth’

Chicago based pop-punk act Nick Karcher recently released a rocking new breakup single in ‘The Hard Bitter Truth’ on the 6th of October. Written by Nick Karcher alongside Reece Lenzo, the track was produced by Michael Bono (Avril Lavigne, YUNGBLUD, girlfriends).

No stranger to crafting a catchy breakup record, Karcher has seemingly perfected the formula on ‘The Hard Bitter Truth’. Anthemic, well produced and loaded with emotion, Karcher’s blend of hard-hitting lyrics and distorted guitar riffs makes for the perfect blend of pop and punk. Lyrically exploring the various stages of heartbreak with incredible precision, the song is sure to resonate with all who listen to it. “Writing this one was almost like looking into the future a bit. I knew it was time for the relationship to end and I knew it was going to hurt. The thing was, I knew it was going to hurt me a lot more. But that was the hard bitter truth,” said Karcher.

Photographed expressionless with his eyes doused in black eyeliner, an inverted crucifix hanging from his neck and fishnet stockings that meet his skull patterned skirt, Karcher had this to say: “First and foremost, I’m not dressing or marketing my music a certain way to get a reaction. I’m just being myself and queer people are severely underrepresented in this genre of music. We do this shit too. So when somebody hears this song and loves it then realizes its sung by a guy in a skirt wearing more makeup than their girlfriend…I’m not opposed to being a part of that conversation.”