Davis Caruso’s new single ‘REGGAE IN AN ICESTORM: a daydream to warm your winter

Credit: Greg Goss

Davis Caruso has collaborated with Kyande & Marbis on his new single REGGAE IN AN ICESTORM’, released on the 22nd of September via MICHIGROWN. The track has already received support from notable webzine EARMILK. Based in the USA, Caruso performs primarily as a busker on the streets of Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti Michigan. Songwriting is a spiritual practice for him: “…its finite structure gives way to infinite expression”. This philosophy is made evident in his music, which is not bound to a particular genre but nonetheless soulful and deeply expressive. 

‘REGGAE IN AN ICESTORM’ is as effortless and intimate as a daydream – and it is indeed a daydream. Its name is a poetic pairing of two ideas that you don’t usually find together – the thought of hearing reggae in an ice storm seems out of place, but Caruso uses reggae as a brief warm reprieve in cold times. Gentle guitar and ukulele chords usher you in as Caruso’s velvety vocals sing a story of an idyllic island in summer far away from his rainy Michigan hometown. A warm melodic bassline, jazzy horns, reverb and delay-soaked guitar and a reggae beat warm the song up into a soulful folk-reggae track, cleverly articulating Caruso’s dreamy lyrics.

Caruso remarks,Defining an artist by a genre of music is simply outdated.  This song was birthed out of playfulness and curiosity… Thank you for listening and sharing!”.