Life The Curse scintillate on banging alt-rock single ‘Kingsbury’

American rock band Lift The Curse returns with ‘Kingsbury’, shared on the 15th of September 2023. Hailing from Texas, the band is the culmination of an eight year collaboration between two best friends, Ryan Hegefeld and Jon Yadon Jr. With an emphasis on unique songwriting and head banging riffs, ripping solos,  and melodic harmonies, the band seamlessly blends elements together to create an exciting mixture of alternative-rock. With an impressive catalog, the band has been exploring new sonic frontiers since April 2022 and are currently showing no signs of slowing down. 

With ‘Kingsbury’, Lift The Curse invites listeners to embark on a musical journey. The vocals are resplendent and clear amidst hard-hitting drums and gritty searing guitars. The chorus is truly anthemic, as the pace speeds up, offering plenty of sing-along moments for fans to resonate with, as the band explores topics of freedom, growth and the importance of one’s true, original home. With memorable guitar riffs and an insatiably passionate vocal delivery, its a track loaded with flavour and musicality, one sure to get the head-banging regardless of the setting. 

Talking about the track, Ryan from the band explains: “The meaning behind the song is about the place where I grew up. A ranch in Texas that has my whole heart forever. I luckily called it home for a long time. I wrote hundreds of songs there, grew up deer hunting, made amazing memories with friends and family. Ultimately it’s my idea of heaven. My place.”