Serbian singer-songwriter Nevena shares Heartfelt Ballad ‘Lena’

Credit: Sever Zolak

Renowned Serbian singer, songwriter, and educator Nevena released her new single “Lena” on the 30th of July. Rising to prominence as one of the three finalists in the illustrious competition “First Voice of Serbia” , she has appeared at Berklee and other esteemed venues across the United States such as Gotham Hall, Symphony Space, Rockwood Music Hall in NYC, Road Runner, and First Church in Boston. In 2018, Nevena signed her first record deal with Town Hill Colony, and has since gone on to sign with Frontiers record label which led to her work with prominent Swedish artist Mike Palace. Nevena even opened her very own Monody Music School in Boston around 2019, eventually branching out to also offer lessons in Los Angeles and Belgrade, Serbia.

Lena” is a beautiful heartfelt ballad. Capturing the essence of love and longing, the lyrics are dedicated to her niece and the nostalgic heartache many performers experience away from home. Accompanied by tears of both sorrow and love upon viewing a photo of her niece, the track took just 30 minutes to write. With a stunning piano accompaniment and Nevena’s incredible voice, “Lena” is masterfully produced and executed. It’s a track that elicits both happiness and melancholy, highlighting the distance that often separates us and our loved ones. Yet, there is always hope, and there is always love. 

Nevena had this to say: “My niece’s name is Lena, and she lives in Serbia. Being a performing artist requires so much traveling; we often must sacrifice time with our loved ones. Although a distance from our family and the people we love can stir up a feeling of sadness and emptiness, it can also remind us how much we love them. This song is about my lonely nights, far away from my niece. This song is about my love for her.”