Guitarist Steven Chelliah innovates with new FuzAsian album

Steven Chelliah
Steven Chelliah

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Gnawing into guitar wood with dextrous fingertips, Steven Chelliah has innovated. His latest album, FuzAsian, is a combination of Fusion Jazz and Indian Carnatic Music that engenders a new sound, which the Malaysian guitarist/songwriter calls his own. 

Stream / Download: Steven Chelliah – FuzAsian

Chelliah’s sound relies on what he calls the FuzAsian® Method, a process whereby he employs Indian scales to anchor his rocking sound, a guitar-based tonality that draws from the work of the great Paul McCartney, in a blaze of inspired grit, guitar fuzz, articulate motifs, and blistering chords. With a degree in Jazz Composition and Contemporary Writing and Production, not to mention a killer-looking 6-string axe, Steven Chelliah goes for the glory.

All this we hear epitomised by the lead single ‘Dreams of Yesterday’.  “I wrote the song during winter in New York City while dreaming of moving to LA..the melody of the chorus just came to my head. And the rest of the song wrote itself,” said Chelliah

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