Authentic singer-songwriter SÉLÉNITE unveils ‘A Riverbed’

Image Credit: Antoine Thomas

Supported by the likes of Radio France and the Sud Ouest Journal, Mathieu Tamisier, aka Sélénite, has touched the hearts of many in his home country of France, performing at over 250 concerts in just the last few years and over 20 more lined up for this summer. A few notable concerts include the Zenith de Pau with Feu! Chatterton, and Rock School Barbey Bordeaux. Sélénite is now ready to extend his influence beyond the borders of France. His folk/rock/pop/indie vibe is unmistakably authentic.

His upcoming album Sandboxes was constructed in the span of just one month, where Sélénite hid himself away in a cabin in the Southwest of France concocting his creations and letting his inner spirit flow into the sounds he was creating. The sound is rather intimate, yet followed by a strong voice and a soft vulnerability, something we can see clearly in ‘A Riverbed’, his next single from the album, which is coated in silky poetry and soft guitar picking.

SÉLÉNITE: Hidden somewhere deep inside of us, there is a cabin surrounded by a forest and mountains, a kind of nature that is reassuring, embracing, and yet sometimes frightening. It’s a place of refuge… and to lock up secrets. Mathieu Tamisier remained locked up in this metaphorical place for a long time before reopening the doors and stepping out with his Sélénite project. Tamisier has always been driven by an innate desire to express himself, feel the music, and has been fascinated by its energy and the way it can multiply depending on the experiences of a given group. Though he started off as a drummer, soon began to pick up the guitar. Starting off with simple chords quickly became complex ideas and suddenly his world was turned upside down listening to Radiohead’s ‘Kid A’ and his discovery of the blues. Today, Sélénite has truly begun to take form, having played more than 250 concerts to date. Standing alone on stage with his guitar, he takes pride in keeping his music to a raw form, his evocative and deep voice touching the heart.

After a few self-produced releases, Tamisier decided to lock himself up in a cabin, a real one this time, with about forty of his songs in the middle of nowhere. Alone with his music, he skimmed, rearranged, and extracted raw material to achieve a new record produced in total autarky. ‘Sandboxes’ navigates between intimate folk and indie pop, with subtle arrangements and songwriting with raw accents of honesty. “This new album evokes the quest for oneself and the relationship with the other. It translates the desire to renounce the injunctions of perfection to embrace a certain fragility, which corresponds to my feeling of the music and that which I want to transmit” explains Mathieu. We find over the course of the record a representation of the nature in which it was recorded and in particular a relationship to water, a central theme that flows throughout these new tracks.