Marti West continues love story with ‘Somebody New’

Marti West, Simple Minds, Bon Iver, and The Tallest Man On Earth
Marti West, Simple Minds, Bon Iver, and The Tallest Man On Earth

Image credit: Daniel Israel-Quinn

Precisely one month after the release of his record ‘Nobody Knows Me (Like You)and our interview with him, songwriter Marti West has shared another single. Titled ‘Somebody New’, his new song stands in contrast to its predecessor. Where the previous song speaks to the comfort of being with someone you know, this one paints a picture of what it is like to be afraid that the person who one once cared so deeply about will move on. “The lyrics portray a sense of denial about the ending of the relationship and paranoia about a partner moving on,” said Marti.

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Both tracks share the subject of a breakup, an experience most people can relate to, allowing listeners to connect with the musician and,  like a supportive friend, be there for him through his loss and for him to be there for theirs. Breakups are unsettling. They can drive us to become something we don’t recognise. Marti West shares, “Sometimes in these times we can think or act irrationally, and ‘Somebody New’ is about those little moments of madness – and dancing through the pain.”

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