UK rock band Mellor unveils ‘Meet Me By The Ocean’ Video

Mellor, Arctic Monkeys, Foals, The White Stripes
Mellor, Arctic Monkeys, Foals, The White Stripes

Image credit: Alex Wickenden

Under Triple B Records, the Reading, UK-based rock band Mellor shared their video for the captivating single ‘Meet Me By The Ocean’. The dynamic band was started by Gary Kingham (lead vocalist and guitarist) and Josh Woodward on bass and later, Kristian Bell on guitar and Sam Igoe on drums were recruited. 

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The first shot of the video shows the band standing on a stage enclosed, like a butterfly in a cacoon, by the walls of a church building and there is an archway on the left wall and large wooden lined windows and a crucifix cross on the right wall. The band’s background contains an imposing cross, a mosaic glass ceiling, and another archway at the back that reveals a lighted space. The lighted space accommodates white-painted walls and large elevated windows that are welcoming as well as coax viewers to reflect on the impact of their chosen personal ‘cocoon’ on their own lives and the people around them, consequently, reinforcing spectacularly the follies addressed in the song.

Mellor discusses the theme of the single: “MMBTO is a tragic love story. It’s about a suicide pact, a couple who end their lives together peacefully before the world consumes them. In a world of war and global warming, it’s a sobering fantasy of walking into the ocean together, side by side”.

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