Land Of Trees offers ‘See The Fire Dancing’ live performance video

Land Of Trees, Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers, Vance Joy, Nova Amor
Land Of Trees, Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers, Vance Joy, Nova Amor

 Image credit: Marie Wahlström

Free-spirited indie-folk musician Land Of Trees released the live music video for ‘See The Fire Dancing’ under Land Of Trees Music on the 28th of October. The eclectic singer-songwriter’s music is comparable to the music of The Lumineers and Vance Joy just to mention a couple. 

Stream / Download: Land Of Trees – ‘See The Fire Dancing’

The ‘See The Fire Dancing’ live performance video is comparable to two lost lovers’ magnificent reunion, witnessing an infant’s first step, or the gaiety found in a family gathering. The video images overflow with alluring images of simple intimacy and surrendering to the present moments. As the camera shots circle the musicians in the video, the onlooker is enraptured by the purity of life itself and consequently, transported to a place brimming with tranquillity and contentment. These circling shots bring the feeling of being embraced by a lover or the people that we cherish.  

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Land Of Trees reflects on the location chosen for the video of ‘See The Fire Dancing’: “For most of the band it was the first time seeing Varberg Theater in all of its glory. It’s a well-preserved old theatre with a lot of soul. After setting everything up with lights, cameras and microphones, it was just a matter of actually recording the live session”.

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