Rock musician Pinkfiz offers ‘318’  

Pinkfiz, Foo Fighters, Muse
Pinkfiz, Foo Fighters, Muse

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A true definition of fiery feminism, Pinkfiz is an independent alt-rock artist hailing from Peterborough, who currently resides in London. Representing flourishing female empowerment, her anger of unjust experiences turns it into resilient rock perfection. Using her home studio, she creates euphoria with her songs, empowering others and igniting a spark amongst listeners, making them comfortable enough to scream out all their frustrations. 

Her new single 318’ brings Pinkfiz’s romantic fables to life. Exploring the optimism and anxiety around confrontation, she confides, “The song is about having romantic feelings for a close friend and wanting to take the relationship further but not wanting to ruin the friendship. It’s about the tension and anxiety around actually confronting the situation when both people know what’s going on.” 

In her most collaborative track to date, Pinkfiz worked alongside producer Christopher Barn and drummer Chester Sturman to bring the track to life, which was later mastered by Mark Peacock. Blending the thrilling influences of Wargasm, Nova Twins and Bring Me the Horizon, with the pop-infused tones of Billie Eilish and Cassyette and Poppy, “318” resonates with the perfect fusion of empowerment and catharsis. She continues, “It’s also about the risk, excitement and adrenaline that comes with having those feelings about someone already so close to you. It covers the fantasies that unravel in your head and the uncontrollable desire to make them come true.” 

Building resilience and anticipation into a truly thrilling tune, Pinkfiz exemplifies her passion for contagious euphony. As the name suggests, “318” came to be at 3:18 am. It’s Pinkfiz’s hope that her music offers a moment for resonance, connection and community, as her repertoire explodes with an unparalleled outlet of emotion. 

With her EP The World of Pinkfiz reaching over 20,000 Spotify streams alone, and several broadcasting features on the likes of BBC Introducing Cambridgeshire, Pinkfiz is advocating her way into the alt-rock realm. Her recent single “On Your Knees” garnered humbling praise from the likes of Earmilk and Atwood Magazine, as her pure passion and fire-fuelled energy continue to ignite her career even further.

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