Tantalising Indie rock band The Burma release new  album

The Burma Music, Glass Animals, MGMT, Foster the People
The Burma Music, Glass Animals, MGMT, Foster the People

Image credit: Ciara O Toole

Charismatic rock musicians The Burma are announcing their debut album Sucker For Stars and offering the title track under The Burma Music. The band cites the likes of Daft Punk and Tame Impala as the inspiration behind their enigmatic and spirited sound that does not fail to captivate the listeners. 

Stream / Download: The Burma – Sucker For Stars LP

The Burma has successfully and excellently captured the listeners with a celebratory sound in Sucker For Stars that is like an ode to the entire galaxy. The EP is full of chants that joyfully tell us stories about succumbing to hope and dreams that are renewed every day in a human’s life. furthermore, the tracks contain a breathtaking allure that imparts the listeners a nourishing euphoria.   

Thinking about the development of and the songs selection in Sucker For Stars, The Burma tells us that: “The album represents two different sounds for us – the first, made up of 6 older songs which we’ve held onto over the years- and then 5 brand new songs showing where our writing style is at in its current form. It’s a milestone moment for us to have our debut album out in the world, it’s been a long time coming”. 

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