Emotions run high in Jaguar Sun and Husbands’ latest collaborative song

Jaguar Sun_Husbands Youth Lagoon, Blake Rose, and Of Monsters and Men
Jaguar Sun_Husbands Youth Lagoon, Blake Rose, and Of Monsters and Men

Image credit: Chris Minielly and Aldo Dera

Emotive musician Jaguar Sun has collaborated with expressive duo Husbands to create an indie pop record titled ‘First Time Caller’, a song that, overall, is a delicate balance between light and dark, hopeful, yet melancholic. And the resulting tension is captivating.

Stream / Download: ‘First Time Caller’

Released under Born Losers Records, the single arrives complete with a minimalistic lyric video, wherein multicoloured puzzle pieces are gradually layered on top of each other to illustrate a deepening of thought as well as mimic the song’s progression; it may very well be that both the single and video speak to the challenge of piecing oneself together. 

The lyric line “I’m so sorry I just can’t relate anymore” drives home the central theme, evoking a sense of detachment and estrangement from people. That said, the calm rhythm of the guitar and the drums reassures listeners that everything will be okay. The chorus chants, “I’m all right. We’re all right”, reaffirming that, although it may be challenging to come to terms with hardship while it is happening, time will heal the wound. 

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