Indie rock singer Faye shares intoxicating ‘alexandria’ music video

Hayley Williams, Wolf Alice, Faye
Hayley Williams, Wolf Alice, Faye

Alternative singer Faye makes a captivating lady stuck in crossroads with her latest music video ‘alexandria’. The singer wrote this after a real experience she had, frustrated with the inevitable. Faye has been singing sweet tunes from the tender age of six years old and has kept on pushing on despite an abusive past. The singer blossoms on her latest track ‘alexandria’ as she embraces her vulnerability and shows her fans that we all have bad moments, and chapters we don’t care to show the public eye. Faye’s sincere tone and performance on this mellow rock track leaves the heart feeling heavy, but also enamoured with appreciation for her velvety vocal range that calls to mind female rock icons of yesteryear.

Faye shares: “This one night, I came back from hanging out with the guy who was in love with Alexandria. I was really sad, because he would tell me all of these things, compliment me, and basically lead me on, and then run right back to her.”  She continues:“But I sat down —  it was like, 1am, and this idea for a song popped into my head which was to not make it about me being sad or losing the guy but to revolve the story around her. I wrote it in about 15 mins. It’s definitely one of my more vulnerable songs.” 

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