Mystical psychedelic singer ANIQO shares ‘Fear’ song

Pink Floyd, Cocteau Twins, Sharon van Etten , ANIQO
Pink Floyd, Cocteau Twins, Sharon van Etten , ANIQO

 Image credit: Peter Hoennemann

Transcendant psychedelic singer ANIQO has shared the other-worldly song ‘Fear’. Inspired by glam rock icon David Bowie and the renowned alternative band Arcade Fire, ANIQO crafts a unique sound that is refreshingly unusual from what we have been accustomed to in the past few years. The track, released via SPRINGSTOFF will be complemented with a music video. ‘Fear’ was produced by Guy Sternberg, who has also produced for the likes of Yoko Ono, Feist, and Keane to name a few.

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Although ‘Fear’ comes from the darkest corners of ANIQO’s mind, this track is intended to be an uplifting anthem of freeing yourself by confronting your demons. We have all had our moments when we felt lonely and trapped because we had a taste of the alarm bells in our brains going off. But we feel too ashamed to admit what is troubling us, because what if someone thinks I am absolutely unhinged for saying the things that plague my mind out loud?

‘Fear’ is giving us goosebumps, the good kind with its honesty and sincerity. If you cannot get enough of this track as much as us, do not fret as ANIQO anticipates sharing her debut album BIRTH in 2022. We love a woman that is fearlessly authentic and ANIQO certainly is that and more with her bewitching charisma. 

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