Writer turned indie musician Tee Dee Dees releases debut single

nterpol, Placebo,Depeche Mode, Tee Dee Dees
nterpol, Placebo,Depeche Mode, Tee Dee Dees


Image credit: Nir Arieli

Editor in Chief turned indie synth artist, Tee Dee Dees has unveiled his debut single ‘War’ via Alaska Music. The music producer also has his debut album offering in the works for official release in 2022. In the meantime, you can enjoy the music enthusiast noteworthy debut that is packed with powerful sentiments that leave the mind wandering about brighter days ahead.

Stream / Download: ‘War’

Adorned in purple glitter with his latest press shots and artwork for the single, Tee Dee Tees makes a bold martian-like visual appearance into the music scene. This look is screaming for attention, and we cannot help but look at these shots in awe. Perhaps with each new release, he will be dressed up with a distinct look and theme? We cannot wait to find out what this all means soon. 

Also known by the name Ori Mark, the musician also works as the head editor for the top publication Haaretz Magazine. He has always had a way with words and this moniker was a way for him to explore his political views and overall views on the world. We are not too sure what the future offers us with this new addition in the scene, but boy are we excited to find out what Tee Dee Dees unveils in the month’s to come.

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