Band Jamila & The Other Heroes explores middle eastern heritage

Alsahra & The Nubatones, El Morabba3,Altin Gün, Jamila & The Other Heroes
Alsahra & The Nubatones, El Morabba3,Altin Gün, Jamila & The Other Heroes

  Photo credit: Philipp Wenning

Following the release of their explosive debut album SIT EL KON . ست الكون (The Grandmother of the Universe) in 2020 , psychedelic funk band Jamila & The Other Heroes are back with their latest singleBORDER SYNDROME احلام بلا حدود’ via Springstoff/slowtrane. This offering explores and celebrates frontwoman Jamila Al-Jousef’s middle eastern heritage. Prior to the pandemic, the band was sharing their impactful lyrics on stages like Fusion Festival 2019 and the Feminist Chouftouhonna Festival

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With emotionally rich and realistic views, Jamila elaborates on her reality as a white-passing Arab woman: “I am an emotionally white-passing girl / except for her where my Palestiness takes off my protection fur”. Emotionally raw and honest words are what to expect in this latest offering. We wouldn’t expect anything less from this noteworthy band that is changing the view of arrogant and ignorant people that exist in our humanity one song at a time. 

Stream /Download: ‘BORDER SYNDROME احلام بلا حدود’ 

Although treading on sensitive territory lyrically, this single is supposed to be a hopeful one. The band shared this song with the vision of a war-free future, where we could all co-exist and not wonder if we will see another day. Definitely not holding back on their views about war and hatred, this band is on a mission to spread positive sentiments of light and greener pastures.

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