Indie rocker Jon Doe dreams of a love that doesn’t exist

The Kooks, Tame Impala, MGMT, Jon Doe
The Kooks, Tame Impala, MGMT, Jon Doe

 Image credit: Mike Musanu

Dreamers, hopeless romantics, indie rockers unite listening to Jon Doe’s latest song ‘In My Dreams’ releasing via Old Grove Records today. The multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and music producer is a full package of talent and capabilities as this release shows. This track follows after the release of the singer’s debut EP Summer Fling and takes a more mellow and thought-provoking direction than its predecessor.

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This is upbeat track instrumentation wise, but overall a tad sad and sweet at the same time. Alas, this banger will heat up any indie lovers speakers with vibrant electric guitar scapes and percussive hooks nonetheless. Jon Doe wrote this track straight after he had met his ideal partner – in his dream. How would you feel if you had met the perfect person and realized that you can never be together? I would be quite cut up, regardless of whether this person was a fragment of my imagination or not.

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Jon Doe shares: “I wrote the song on an impulse based on a dream I had woken up from moments ago. I had retained information of the key parts of that dream and that’s exactly what you hear in the song. I don’t know who the girl is/was but it felt like I had already known her for a while and once I woke up it was a bit disorienting. She was perfect in every way but she wasn’t real.”

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