Indie rock band Myriad share vulnerable song, ‘Cascades’

FFO: Two Door Cinema Club, The Wombats, Myriad

Cascades” will begin Myriad’s newest era draws from the likes of Two-Door Cinema club and The Wombats, bringing new sounds to Myriad’s arsenal. A festival anthem to dance hard to when the world can finally reunite this summer. The upbeat clean-crunch guitar lick in “Cascades” is one to remember, and the pounding bass and drums are the catalyst for this track to be Myriad’s biggest yet.

Chatting about the vision behind the three tracks, the band’s lead singer, David, states “these songs cover some of the most important subjects facing 16-24 year olds today; consent, insomnia, motivation, and independence to name a few. “Cascades” takes the first concept of consent and discusses the safe and mutual understanding that young adults feel when exploring their relationships and sexuality.”

He continues; “the narrative of “Cascades” is centred on a young person balancing their feelings with the ever-changing responsibilities of adulthood in 2021. The music, it’s for an alternative community who feel alone and are going through tough times, especially now in the pandemic. It’s for gen-Z and anyone else feeling like they need something to express the spectrum of their every-day emotions.”

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