Tenacious indie rock band Giant Sky’s song ‘Snow’ is a future anthem

It has been a few life-altering months indeed, not being able to meet up with loved ones has left a lot of people unmotivated & frustrated at the least. Indie rock band Giant Sky’s latest song ‘Snow’ reminds us that through trying times we as humans have found alternative ways to connect now more than ever before. ‘Snow’ released via Bloody Sunset Records is a gentle listen, with a lot of heart.

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Produced during this lockdown period and all things considered, Giant Sky’s ‘Snow’ is a beacon of light in these trying times. One can be easily blinded by or absorbed by all the chaos and devastation that has happened and is still happening. Sit back, take deep breaths and find comfort & inspiration in ‘Snow’s undeniable tenacity.

The band reflect, “Snow is about the triumph of human connection over isolation. After the year we’ve all been through, human connections are ultimately what have got us through, and we wanted to write something that reflected that.”

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