Punk musician Iggy Pop fronts Marshall music’s latest headphone campaign

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It is the launch of the new Marshall campaign fronted by the Godfather of Punk, Iggy PopNever Stop Listening.

For more than half a century, it has been Marshall’s mission to always be listening – to the ones that no one else would listen to, the rebels and the misfits.

 With this as its driving force, Marshall introduces its new campaign, fronted by punk icon Iggy Pop, that not only explores its rich history of working within emerging and rebellious countercultures, but also the way that Marshall continues to influence and support new voices. This campaign aims to highlight the importance of listening in all its forms, and the way that listening shapes the world and influences perspective.

Named the ‘Godfather of Punk, Iggy Pop’s presence is and always has been loud, influencing a wide range of musicians after him. Marshall has literally been behind Iggy since the beginning, making him the perfect fit for this campaign. This is not only because Marshall and his paths through history have been intertwined since his beginnings, but because Iggy has always embodied the loud, unapologetic spirit of Marshall.

Marshall creative director, Andrew Sekora said of the collaboration “Iggy is one of the few artists who has continued throughout the years to be nothing but original, rebellious and loud – in every sense of the word”.

Alongside the ‘Never Stop Listening’ campaign, Marshall has also today announced the launch of the Mode II, its first true wireless in-ear headphones. Engineered to deliver a thunderous audio experience and 25 hours of portable playtime with its charging case, Mode II in-ear headphones produce phenomenal sound with no wires attached.

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