Alternative folk singer Cujo Moon releases love song to the world

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Image credit: Rae Mercedes

Previously forming part of the psych-rock band The Wild Jays, singer-songwriter Trevor Wilmott a.k.a. Cujo Moon takes an alternative folk direction with his solo moniker Cujo Moon. This solo work is the purest form of art imitating life. Open about his struggle with depression and anxiety, the singer shares his personal song ‘Watch You Shine’ with the public.

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Cujo Moon recently shared mental health resources on his socials, “My super amazing and talented partner @lifebeyondthevines has just released her new therapy workbook! It’s full of exercises, prompts, meditations, and affirmations designed to guide you through a week to week journey toward whatever healing you seek. It will help you reflect, be mindful, and uncover what is keeping you in the negative thought/emotional patterns so that you can eventually overcome them.”

In tune with his feelings and guitar strings, Cujo Moon invites the listener to absorb the calming notes and divine folk rhythm. Along with these charming qualities, there is harmony that ensues and lingers long after listening. ‘Watch You Shine’ is an open love letter to the world, acknowledging each human being, looking past their flaws, and realizing their potential. 

Bridges II EP Tracklist:

1. Watch You Shine 

2. In a Sky of Blue

3. Goodnight Black Sky

4. Sing Your Song

5. Mirror Image

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