Getting to know Irish 5-piece ToyGirl

In an age when individuality is as vital as innovative talent, ToyGirl was born through a collaborative search for a compelling and unique sound. 

The five-piece outfit is back today with their third single out to date, ‘Poison’.

ToyGirl invites the listener to reflect on ‘Poison’, and to take in the full kaleidoscope of life’s contradictions – infatuation, heartbreak, love.  The track has a glistening cascade of synths and tones, with singer Hannah Worall’s songbird vocals masterfully arranged throughout.

Delivering soulful alt-pop cut through with deep R&B-infused grooves, ToyGirl are a Dublin-based five-piece comprising Cork natives Aran Hopkinson (Bass), Ciaran Whelband (Guitar), Fiachra O’Mahony (Guitar), and Cian O’Leary Hegarty (Drums), and lead singer Hannah Worrall.

Enjoy ‘Poison’ and our Q&A below:

Looking back what were some of your early entries into music appreciation? And music production?

Personally, I grew up in a family of musicians and music lovers, there was not a day where music wasn’t present in some way shape or form. I quickly developed an interest not only as a listener but as a player too. I don’t remember when I started singing, it feels like I always have, but I got my first guitar at the age of ten and that was the point where my creativity started to flourish. I started to learn covers and write my own material and later on at the age of about 16-17 I started experimenting with Garage Band which allowed me to record original material. 

How did you get into the style of music you are making today?

The style of music we play today is definitely born through collaboration. All of us in the band grew up listening to and playing wildly varying styles and types of music. From Cian’s pop/punk drumming background to Fiachra’s folky guitar playing – our sound is just five friends experimenting with slapping weird and otherwise unorthodox genres together and seeing what we can come up with.

What do you think the Irish roots brings to the table in particular?

Being from France myself, being born to British parents, it’s difficult to speak on behalf of the guys and their Irish heritage. I think the greatest thing about the Irish roots is the sense of community though. We really are friends first and a band second – which of course naturally makes the band related work much easier to get through. All of our families are so supportive and nurturing which is a huge help.

Tell us about the origins and inspiration behind ‘Poison’. What were you trying to capture/communicate on this single?

For me, this song is about deep infatuation, platonic or romantic. The feeling that someone has accepted your purest form and loves you unconditionally. It’s one of the first songs that I wrote where my words felt transparent and straight forward, in some ways that makes me feel more vulnerable but also more connected to the song. 

Has your creative outlook or process shifted in these strange and unfortunate times we find ourselves in?

Definitely, first of all, I started using Ableton which was a challenge and still is but it has given me so many new creative possibilities and I have started to understand a bit more about music production which is amazing! Since the songs that I have written during lockdown were created in Ableton, I feel as though the style has shifted slightly into something more electronic.

What can we expect from you in the near future?

We’re a young and ambitious band. We want to write and release as much music as possible in the near future. The next 12 months should see the release of at least three more tracks, alongside a busy schedule of live shows and touring! We hope to keep growing and maturing as a band, and as friends. We obviously have big aspirations, but for now, we just feel lucky that we can make music we like, with people we like and are fortunate enough to have a growing fan base who respond positively to all the stuff we’ve put out so far. 

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