PREMIERE: Actress and singer-songwriter, Várvara, shares new video and single, ‘Hymn for Yourself’

The world isn’t black and white, and neither is human nature. Várvara has understood that elements of her personality can contradict each other, but she doesn’t have to feel bad for that, because nobody is perfect. Instead, it is best to write a hymn for yourself and take everything in life by yourself, because you get nothing for free. This is exactly what she calls for in her song ‘Hymn for Yourself’, for which her latest music video will be released on July 24th, 2020, via We Are Home.

Blues melancholy and soft vocals meet powerful guitar solos with raging drums and draw an interplay between hard and soft. Várvara’s love for music has shaped her since her childhood and she took every opportunity to carry her voice out into the world. At the same time, she understood very early that her sound should not be based on any musical genre, but that she could give her compositions any sound she liked. 

We are pleased to present the first listen and viewing of ‘Hymn for Yourself’ and it’s cinematic visuals:

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