Indie-rockers Saint Mars release song feat. “Alonestar” Sheeran

Saint Mars have released their latest single, ‘Pacific State’ on the 8th of May via AntiFragile Music. The collaboration includes fifteen-year-old lead singer Tryzdin, group manager Marc Darcange, with guest  Bristol rapper and cousin of Ed Sheeran Jethro “Alonestar” Sheeran. Angelo Bruschini (Massive Attack guitarist) is the founding member of Saint Mars, and has collaborated with guests including Brent Paschke (N.E.R.D., Pharrell Williams) and Robert Brian (Siouxsie, Goldfrapp, Simple Minds). Saint Mars sits on over 1.2 million streams amongst streaming platforms.

Saint Mars adds their thoughts on the single, “With “Pacific State”, we wanted to fuse pop and trip-hop with obsessive tribal beats and draw a line between Massive Attack, Empire of the Sun and Tears for Fears. The song takes you back to the glorious magic of the 80’s… “Pacific State” delivers a message of hope, carried by the ongoing faith in a better world after a tragic fall, and the necessary perseverance in adversity.”

Saint Mars sounds results in close comparison to the work of Massive Attack, Chainsmokers, and Empire of the Sun. ‘Pacific State’ creates an empowering and hopeful single lyrically with “Pacific State, I want to believe, never give it away. Pacific state, pacific state, for you and me, we’ll be keeping our faith”.


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