Embrace indie-rock with Evon Rose’s latest song, ‘Something More’

Indie rock band, Evon Rose have just released their latest single, ‘Something More’ on the 22nd of November via Timbits Records. The track was premiered via Music Week, who described it as, “Smooth, robust vocals sit atop driving instrumentals, while scaling a fine line between happy-go-lucky romanticism and deep introspection.” You can read the full premiere here.

Shortly following the release of ‘Something More’, the lead singer of Evon Rose; Andreas Schuster granted an interview with Indie Music. In it, he revealed: “I have always been intrigued by different spiritual beliefs and rituals and the question of what else is out there. Whether there is more to us than flesh and bones. For this song particularly it was because of a loss in my family we suffered not long ago”. You can read the full interview here.

Curious about the track that combines “happy-go-lucky romanticism” with “spiritual beliefs”, we knew we had to investigate further.


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