Indie-rockers, At Pavillon, kicks off the year with debut album announcement and shares explosive new single and video; ‘Believers’

We’ve posted about At Pavillon before and there’s a reason; they’re just so damn good. This Austrian group creates indie-rock with a purpose as each track they’ve released have been layered in topical messages and social commentary. Their latest release is no exception. 

At Pavillon just shared a brand new single/music video, ‘Believers’, taken from their upcoming debut album, ‘Believe Us’ which is set for release on 25 January 2019 via LasVegas Records

The band formed in 2014 and is made up of four talented young men, with Paul Majdzadeh-Ameli (drums and backing vocals), Tobias Kobl (bass guitar and backing vocals), Bernhard Melchart (lead guitar and backing vocals) and Mwita Mataro (rhythm guitar and the lead vocals). Known by many as a bunch of romantic rebels in matching button-up shirts, all four of the members of At Pavillon hail from Vienna and have incredible chemistry, on and off stage. 

At Pavillon’s latest release, ‘Believers’, is another explosive indie-rock track that commands attention from the very first play. At Pavillon have proven time and time again that they demand to have their voice heard and let me tell you, we’re not complaining. ‘Believers’; repeated verse ‘calling me an optimist says you are a pessimist’ is a testament to their hope in humankind. Even though At Pavillon may continuously tackle topical issues, they always leave the listener a ray of hope. The video is sure to keep your attention throughout the span of the track as elaborate set pieces and religion-based imagery fill each shot. 

“’Believers’ should empower the listener in their belief in themselves. ‘Believers’ is a call to stay optimistic, even in times when society is branding you naive.”, say the band about the new single.

Watch the music video for At Pavillon – Believers below:

Tracklist for ‘Believe Us’:
1. Believers
3. Lions
4. Face It
5. Disco Demolition Night
6. Cindy
7. Ketamine
8. Mama
9. Stop This War
10. All Eyes On You
11. Vienna
Catch At Pavillon live at one of the following shows:
19.01.2019 FM4 Geburtstagsfest / Vienna, Austria
13.03.2019 Zehner/München, Germany
14.03.2019 – Stuttgart / Merlin
15.03.2019 – Köln / Stereo Wonderland
16.03.2019 – Leipzig / Neues Schauspiel
18.03.2019 Nochtwache/Hamburg, Germany
19.03.2019 – BREMEN / Tower Music Club
20.03.2019 Badehaus / Berlin, Germany
23.03.2019 Linz / Stadtwerkstatt
05.04.2019 Mödling / Bühne mayer
25.04.2019 Salzburg / Rockhouse
25.05.2019 Dorbirn / Spielboden

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