Cinematic electronic experimentation and poignant moods from Greek composer and multi-instrumentalist Theodore in his brand new album, ‘Inner Dynamics’

Artfully fusing electronic production, live instrumentation and haunting vocals, all resting upon his exceptional songwriting and composition skills, Theodore is changing the game when it comes to genre experimentation and musical expression. The multi-talented artist has just recently released his new LP, titled ‘Inner Dynamics’, via Greek label United We Fly.

In a press release, Theodore explains, “For Inner Dynamics, I was trying to express my urge to connect the conscious and subconscious part of myself so I can be creative. It’s an understanding that humans are not just one thing, and they shouldn’t try to hide certain elements of their personality because society likes to put labels of who we are. It’s the different sides of my self that makes who I am.

Ranging from ambient pieces filled with sublime synth melodies to dramatic, bass-filled tracks which stir the listener’s mood around in a whirlwind of sound, Theodore has managed to capture his own versatility and emotionality in ‘Inner Dynamics’. Recorded only in forty-five days, this new LP is a triumph bound to captivate and delight any who listens.

Listen to Theodore’s brand new album, ‘Inner Dynamics’, below.

Upcoming Live Shows:
10 November: Rock Heat, Sudwave, Arezzo [IT]
15 November: L’astral, M for Montreal, Montreal [CA]
16 November: Patro Vys, M for Montreal [CA]
23 November: Treibsand, Lübeck [DE]
24 November: Hansa48, Kiel [DE]
26 November: Die Nato, Leipzig [DE]
27 November: MTC, Köln [DE]
28 November: Musik und Frieden, Berlin [DE]
29 November: Häkken, Hamburg [DE]
30 November: Kleinkunstbühne, Bremen [DE]
1 December: Ms Loretta, Celle [DE]
6 December: Ekfrasi Theatre, Ioannina [GR]


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