Sonny Falls share indie-rock gem ‘Some Kind Of Spectre’ LP on Sooper Records

Chicago based indie rock band Sonny Falls share their LP Some Kind Of Spectre, out now on Sooper Records (Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, Sen Morimoto). Sonny Falls is the song-writing project of Chicago DIY veteran Ryan “Hoagie” Wesley Ensley. Disarmingly personal in his presentation, Consequence of Sound once described Sonny Falls as “the sound of a songwriter struggling to assert his own agency in a world that refuses to do him any favors.”

Stream “Flies” by Sonny Falls below – Over 10 tracks, Sonny Falls’ Some Kind of Spectre finds Ensley exploring the nuances and complexities of relationship; whether with a person, a drug, or even just a mindset. Bleak but optimistic, Some Kind of Spectre is an ambitious work of pop-rock brilliance that urges the recognition of Sonny Falls as an authentic and substantive voice in the landscape of American rock music.

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