Frankie And The Witch Fingers drop psychedelic ‘Sunshine Earthquake’ video

Frankie And The Witch Fingers are  C. Dylan Sizemore – Vocalist, guitarist and songwriter, Glenn Brigman – drums, organ, Alex Bulli – bass and Josh Menashe -lead guitar and backing vocals. They have dropped their new video for ‘Sunshine Earthquake‘ off their psychedelic new album Brain Telephone just ahead of their upcoming US tour which features festival appearances at both Desert Daze and Lose yr Mind.

When I say dropped, I mean ‘Sunshine Earthquake‘ drops like a 60’s acid trip into a pool of retro vibrations. Pulsing waves of fuzz guitar jolt your endocrine system into dance inducing bouts of euphoria, whist rapid cuts of technicolor sweat-drenched parties compete with religious fervor in an all-out assault of visual and aural stimulation. A thrumming of color and light that resonates from a subconscious past into a visceral, heart pounding, feet-tapping present.     

At its heart the video channels back to the age of free love with an eclectic mix of pseudo religious imagery, and a bouncy, catchy vibrant explosion of dance floor energy but conveys that the underlying tone of spirituality exists only in the moment, and the only moment that matters is now.


Brain Telephone was released last month and is available on Permanent.

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