Don’t Stop Him Now… Queen’s Brian May for MP?

Brian May of legendary rock band Queen is said to be “seriously considering” standing as an independent MP at the 2015 general election.

His spokesman Phil Symes said that May is giving “serious thought” to running for office as part of his Common Decency project. May has previously spoken out against the current UK government, stating in late December 2014: “We need a change of government, and if there isn’t one, I think we will all slit our wrists.”

May is no stranger to politics having been an active campaigner for animal rights for some time and founder of the animal sanctuary and charity Save Me.

The guitarist has vented his frustration with the “bickering” in parliament and grown tired of the amount of taxpayer’s money being wasted by the big parties who are failing to represent the people who voted for them.

This news comes after Bez from Happy Mondays announced his campaign to run for MP of Salford. His ideas for reforming the government have been taken far less seriously however, after forgetting to register his party’s name. Oh dear…

So, Brian May for MP – would you vote for him?

Words: Donnay Clancy