Serj Tankian working with Benny Benassi and Avicii

Ummm yeah…so Serj Tankian of the glorious System Of A Down, has just been featured on a track by low grade EDM producer Benny Benassi. You may remember Benassi from his catchy, if soulless, 2002 club banger ‘Satisfication’ (lyrics: “Touch me/And then just push me/Till I can get my/Satisfaction/Satisfaction/Satisfaction”…ad infinitum).

Sorry to dredge up those repressed musical memories but here’s another to add to the anti-wank bank. The new Tankian/Benassi collaboration is called ‘Shooting Helicopters’ and it’s as you would expect, dire. And if you thought things couldn’t get any worse – they can. Apparently Serj is working with Avicii on a track for the EDM manchild’s upcoming album.
If you feel like making your eardrums bleed, here’s ‘Shooting Helicopters’: