Rok Ali and The Addiction unleash the blistering and beautiful single ‘Pulse’

Alison Krebs, known as Rok Ali and at the forefront of formidable hard rock collective Rok Ali and The Addiction, unveiled their new single ‘Pulse’ on the 4th of June 2024. Rok Ali and The Addiction, a notable hard rock group, boast a lineup of skilled musicians. Chris Nix, a talented guitarist, honed his craft alongside luminaries from James Brown’s band before collaborating with various artists such as Jo Dee Messina and Jonathan Davis of Korn. Bassist Lee Beverly, known for his work with Eddie Money, provided a solid foundation for artists like Mickey Thomas and Lou Gramm. Drummer Kevin Murphy has showcased his skills across diverse genres, from Tonic to Daughtry, earning recognition from both musicians and fans alike.

Rok Ali and The Addiction’s self-titled debut album released in 2022, introduced their intense and sophisticated sound to the world. This year, they’ve followed up with several singles, including ‘You Want’ and ‘The Charming Snake’, setting the stage for their latest enthralling offering, ‘Pulse’.

‘Pulse’ emerges as a gritty grunge rock anthem, drawing inspiration from the raw vigor of bands such as Nine Inch Nails, Incubus, and Soundgarden. With its deep octave-droned guitars, pulsating drums, and Alison’s captivating vocals, the single crafts a sonic landscape that’s both ominous and groundbreaking. It’s a fiery fusion of grunge, rock, and metal, melding various sounds that intertwine seamlessly with Alison’s commanding vocals, serving as a potent expression of power and intensity.

Ali shared: “This song is an invitation to explore the mystery deep within.” 

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