Indie-pop duo Firewoodisland release important LP


Firewoodisland has released their necessary self-titled album, to soothe and comfort us in this current anxiety-inducing time that we are all facing right now. The tracks were written, produced and mixed by the multi-talented Stian of Firewoodisland. Mastering of the album was done by Chris Sanson (Highasakite, Thomas Dybdahl). Their first single for 2020 titled ‘Sprinter’ was included in the  A-list for BBC Radio Wales.  Last year, the duo were featured in acclaimed publications like Atwood Magazine, PopMatters, Clash Magazine, as well as inclusion in airplay for BBC 6 music’s Tom Robinson and Radcliffe and Maconie.

Originally, Firewoodisland started as a solo music project for then Norwegian masters student Stian Vedøy, who had just moved to Cardiff, UK. Not long after, Stian would cross paths with art student Abi Eleri. Abi would take over artistic duties for the project, and join the project as a performer. In the early stages of the duo, they started performing at open slots at local hangouts. In 2014 they released their first EP titled ILD after reaching the finals of Norway’s Bandwagon Battle of The Bands. Thus far, they released another EP in 2016 titled Dome, and their debut album Choas Is The State Of The Heart in 2018. Their collective stream rate amongst streaming platforms is over 6 million plays to date.

Firewoodisland speaks about the release .”We self-titled this album because we finally felt like we came home to ourselves! During the creation of Firewoodisland, we went through a major maturing season, which is apparent in the songwriting, the sound, and the artwork. We have fallen in love with orchestral instruments, strings, and horns which, blending with digital and organic instruments help us arrive at our new sound. We really love this album, it’s close to our hearts.”


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